Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500

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Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500

Industrial monitors 15 inch for practical gesture and multi-touch operation


Using our "Build-to-Order Service (BTOS)", all of our industrial computers can be adapted to your individual needs.

The devices will be equipped with memory, storage, operating system and PCI expansion according to your specifications.

Assembly and full testing is included and full warranty applies for all items provided.

Please contact us for individual advice.

SIMATIC IFP Industrial Flat Panels are outstandingly suitable as industrial monitors with rapid response times for real-time image updating, e.g. for job mode or trend display. The innovative devices are available as pure display devices or as touch or multi-touch versions (optional as Ethernet Monitor) with widescreen fronts in 12, 15, 19 and 22 inches.

Also available is a 15 inch touch version with function keys, front USB interface and keypad.

SIMATIC IFP are connected using the new DisplayPort interface or DVI-D to the industrial PC, which can be up to 30 meters away.

The Industrial Flat Panel SIMATIC IFP are …

Further Information

Artikelnummer Description
6AV7863-5MA10-1AA0 SIMATIC IFP1500, Flat Panel 15" Display (16: 9), Multitouch, extended Version bis 30m, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, für DC 24V potentialgetrennt, Display-Port/DVI Schnittstelle inkl. DVI/USB-Kabel 1,8m Standard-Design
6AV7863-2AA00-0AA0 SIMATIC IFP1500 Flat Panel 15" Display (16:10), ohne Touch, nur Anzeige, Standard bis 5m, 1280x 800 Pixel, für DC 24V, Display-Port/DVI Schnittstelle inkl. DVI-Kabel 1,8m

General information
Product type designation IFP1500 IFP1500 MT
Short designation Flat Panel 15" display Flat Panel 15" multi-touch
Design of display TFT widescreen display, LED backlighting TFT widescreen display, LED backlighting
Screen diagonal 15.4 in 15.4 in
Screen diagonal [cm] 40 cm 40 cm
Display width 331.2 mm 344.2 mm
Display height 207 mm 193.5 mm
Viewing angle 170° x 170° 160° x 160°
On Screen Display (OSD) configuration No; Adjustable by means of software No; Adjustable by means of software
Number of colors 16 777 216; 24 bit 16 777 216; 24 bit
Resolution (pixels)
  • Horizontal image resolution
1 280 Pixel 1 366 Pixel
  • Vertical image resolution
800 Pixel 768 Pixel
  • Pixel size, horizontal
0.259 mm 0.252 mm
  • Pixel size, vertical
0.259 mm 0.252 mm
General features
  • Detachable from computer unit
5 m 5 m
  • Brightness/contrast
400 cd/m² / 1000:1 400 cd/m² / 900:1
  • non-reflective and tempered mineral glass screen
  • Luminance
400 cd/m² 400 cd/m²
  • Type of backlighting
  • MTBF backlighting (at 25 °C)
50 000 h; At 25°C 70 000 h; At 25°C
  • Backlight dimmable
Yes; 0-100 % Yes; 0-100 %
Control elements
Keyboard fonts
  • Function keys
No No
Touch operation
  • Monitor keyboard
Installation type/mounting
Built-in unit Yes; Portrait mode possible Yes; Portrait mode possible
  • permissible angle to the vertical backward (console)
35° 35°
  • permissible angle to the vertical forward (ceiling mounting)
35° 35°
Supply voltage
Type of supply voltage DC DC
Rated value (DC) 24 V 24 V
permissible range, lower limit (DC) 19.2 V 19.2 V
permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V 28.8 V
Power loss
Power loss DC
  • Typical
40 W 40 W
  • Maximum
65 W 60 W
Video interfaces
  • analog video signal (VGA)
  • DVI-D
Yes Yes
  • DisplayPort
Yes; DisplayPort V1.1 Yes; DisplayPort V1.1
Touch interfaces
  • USB
No Yes
Degree and class of protection
IP65 at front Yes Yes
Enclosure Type 4 at the front Yes Yes
Enclosure Type 12 at the front Yes
NEMA4 at the front No No
NEMA4X at the front No No
IP20 rear Yes Yes
Standards, approvals, certificates
CE mark Yes Yes
cULus Yes; Corresponds to UL 508 Yes; Corresponds to UL 508
RCM (formerly C-TICK) Yes Yes
KC approval Yes Yes
EAC (formerly Gost-R) Yes
Use in hazardous areas
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • ATEX Zone 22
  • FM Class I Division 2
Yes Yes
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature during operation
  • min.
0 °C 0 °C
  • max.
50 °C; Vertical installation (horizontal) 50 °C; Vertical installation (horizontal)
Ambient temperature during storage/transportation
  • min.
-20 °C -20 °C
  • max.
60 °C 60 °C
Relative humidity
  • Operation, max.
95 %; no condensation 95 %; no condensation
  • Vibration load in operation
1 gn 1 gn
  • Vibration load during transport/storage
1 gn 1 gn
Shock testing
  • Shock load during operation
15 gn 15 gn
  • Shock load during transport/storage
15 gn 15 gn
Enclosure material (front) Aluminum Glass
Width of the housing front 415 mm 416.5 mm
Height of housing front 310 mm 298 mm
Mounting cutout, width 396 mm; Tolerance: +1 mm 398 mm; Tolerance: +1 mm
Mounting cutout, height 291 mm; Tolerance: +1 mm 279 mm; Tolerance: +1 mm
Overall depth 62.5 mm 62.5 mm
Weight without packaging 3.9 kg 4.2 kg
Weight incl. packaging 5 kg 5.3 kg


PDF beskrivning Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500 Touch exten. Datasheet (141.6 kB)

PDF beskrivning Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500 Touch exten. Datasheet (ger) (142.7 kB)

PDF beskrivning Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500 Touch/Key Datasheet (142.7 kB)

PDF beskrivning Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500 Touch/Key Datasheet (ger) (143.8 kB)

PDF beskrivning Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500 Multitouch Datasheet (125.4 kB)

PDF beskrivning Siemens SIMATIC IFP1500 Multitouch Datasheet (ger) (126.5 kB)

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